Furlog is a Multimodal Transport Operator specialized in solutions on demand for rail, intermodal, logistics, air and sea, national and international shipments.

Our company offers also railway services to and from Russia, China, Japan and South Korea.
Furlog offers slots and units for intermodal cargo or traditional wagons on its own trains, proposing itself as unique speaker for the management of several services. Moreover, to satisfy the needs of smaller companies that do not have the volumes to buy a company train, Furlog offers a multi-client train service, the possibility to ship also one single container or trailer. Furlog offer integrates customized logistic solutions with a dedicated service of planning for each shipment, proving to be a choice of quality, safety and flexibility, capable of satisfy each type of client and partner.


Establish itself in a leadership position in the field of national and international intermodal transport, pursued through offering flexible products of high quality capable of satisfying the needs of companies and clients.
An accurate planning for each shipment, small or big, to better integrate the different types of transportation available considering the destination, the route, goods nature and required transit time. These are the values that Furlog supports and shares with its client and partners.

Furlog mission intends to contribute to:

  • higher regard for the environment
  • high standards of security in the transport
  • a better effectivness and efficency of the logistic network at disposal to the companies and all logistic operators.