Sustainability, quality of life, search for alternative solutions… the INTERMODAL transportation of goods by train is a choice that demonstrates Furlog’s commitment to the environment and the wellbeing of individuals.

Focus on the environment is a priority for Furlog, as demonstrated by our constant commitment to the offer of intermodal services: road haulage is in fact one of the largest causes of pollution today, due to the related CO2 emissions.

Furlog makes a concrete contribution to sustainable development by promoting combined road-rail transportation and rail shipments. The objective is to reduce traffic in the cities and on the motorways, thus achieving a real improvement in the air we breathe and the quality of life in general.

Schema CO2

Compare the CO2 emissions of the road transport with the ones of the rail trasport: with a shipment of 100 tons on a trip from Modena to Moscow (approximately 2500 km) the CO2 emission from the train are 75% less than the truck.