Each category of goods requires specific skills in the areas of transportation, logistics and packaging: Furlog has developed expertise that covers all types of product.


Foodstuffs are among the most delicate and demanding types of goods: extreme care is needed to maintain unaltered their organoleptic properties and comply with the high standards of punctuality required by chain distributors. Furlog handles both dry and fresh goods with maximum skill and guaranteed hygiene, meeting the safety and timeliness requirements imposed by this sector, both in terms of the methods of transportation used and with regard to the related logistics and the development of custom solutions.


Furlog works with many customers in this sector, offering a wide range of customised solutions based on the characteristics of each specific product: furniture, household appliances, home and personal care products with short shelf lives. Our logistics organisation is strategically decisive in the enhancement of processes and the reduction of time to market.


This is one of our greatest areas of specialisation: not by chance, our operational base in Modena is situated next to Italy’s principal ceramics district. Knowledge of the territory and experience in this field are key to offering careful and timely service to our customers, even when it comes to handling large quantities of small orders.


In order to handle and manage bulk cargo (non-food raw materials), Furlog has developed specific skills in the transportation and storage of bulk industrial materials, using company trains, dedicated flows and customised processes, that meet the needs of firms operating in this sector. Indeed, our terminal is dedicated to managing this type of product in the best possible way, importing production materials for the industries operating in the nearby ceramics district.


With regard to the transportation of spare parts for the automobile sector, it is essential to guarantee a “just-in-time” service that assures maximum punctuality and the best customised integration of logistical and handling solutions, while also developing customised projects for shipments by road, rail or multimodal means.


The machine tool, robot and automation manufacturing industry requires precise and punctual transportation, specifically dedicated to the handling of large industrial machinery. Furlog proposes itself as a single point of contact for all steps in the transport of machinery in the manufacturing and mechanical industry and their components, such as automated machines, high-tech machinery, plants, turbines and presses.


Specific equipment and personnel with many years of experience in the proper handling of reels of paper, cellulose, paper for pulping and processed products, with the value added of a warehouse that guarantees protection and security: Furlog offers all these solutions to the paper industries, together with the development of fully customised, multimodal shipping solutions by road and/or rail.


We offer solutions specifically for the fashion business, thanks to containers equipped with  designated boards for the transport of hanged clothing.
We offer the possibility to transport clothing and footwear with the highest efficiency. Our transportation services for clothing  expands also to and from China.


The movement of trunks and wooden beams requires extreme care, experience and specialist skills, which is why the solutions specially created by Furlog for this sector are based on an internally designed and developed transport system that guarantees the safe shipment of timber by rail, fixing the load in a way that makes it completely stable.


The transportation requirements of the steel sector are many and varied due to the wide variety of products: ferrous scrap, coils, semi-finished and finished products, long products and pipe… the projects designed by Furlog for each shipment guarantee maximum flexibility throughout the country, and the provision of a reliable and professional service for the transportation of raw materials and semi-finished or finished steel products – including irregular shapes and exceptional lengths. These services include integrated road-rail solutions and the management of loading / unloading and storage.


Hygiene and cleanliness are fundamental when working with foodstuffs and organising the proper transportation of raw materials (crude foodstuffs) without compromising food quality: Furlog always presents customers with customised projects for intermodal shipments suitable for each type of product, dry or liquid, and checks each stage scrupulously, from logistics to packaging.