Furlog is a multimodal transport operator that, in addition to offering services on the European territory, specializes in intermodal rail transport to the most distant commercial destinations thanks to an extensive network of trans-Siberian and Asian connections linking Europe with Russia, CIS countries, Mongolia, China and the Far East.

Each shipment is tailored together with the customer: after careful information gathering, we assess the transport needs and propose the best possible routing in order to cut costs and ensure cargo optimization.

Based on different cargo needs, it is then possible to customize transports with FCL (Full Container Load) and LCL (Less Container Load) partial loads.
Furlog, in fact, offers groupage service if the volume of goods to be shipped is less than that required to fill an entire container, as well as transports with traditional wagons, an ideal solution for safely transporting materials such as paper reels, machinery, building materials and more.

Moreover, we offer door-to-door services, customs assistance services, provision of the necessary equipment (such as containers of various types), “all inclusiveinsurance solutions and a careful track & tracing monitoring service of goods, with the possibility of GPS control of loads.

Costs optimization

By making the most out of the type of cargo and packaging, rail transport positively affects overall travel expenses.

Ideal for unique goods

The freight train is the best solution for safely transporting reels of paper, construction materials and more.

Lower environmental impact

Over long distances, train CO2 emissions are up to 75% lower than road transport; this makes the train the least polluting means of transportation for this type of travel.

Get where you want with intermodal transport

Thanks to the train-truck synergy, intermodal transport allows operations along a wide range of routes, with door-to-door services and faster transit times than sea transport.

Avoid cargo splitting

Allows the safe transport of complete cargo from the loading place to the destination without separating it in different shipments.

Train-truck synergy

Rail transport joins road transport for an intermodal transport service that ensures efficiency over medium to long distances, including for the transport of dangerous goods.

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We offer full support in 4 languages (Italian, English, Chinese and Russian), customs assistance and import/export paperwork management, tracking of goods to ensure maximum security and control, and All Risks insurance against damage or theft.

Contact us for more information or to receive an initial quotation based on your transportation needs.