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What is door to door transport?

The kind of service “door to door“, as the name suggests, deals with the entire transport cycle from the “door” of the shipper to the “door” of the consignee.

In this case, therefore, a single party takes the responsibility of executing (or having performed) the entire shipment, even with several means of transport.

The advantages of guaranteed door-to-door shipping

The direct management of all the loops in the chain and vertical production integration guarantee maximum reliability.

This type of international services is in fact inclusive of tools for the management and monitoring of goods from departure to arrival, for safe and punctual transport.

Support and insurance for your transports

Furlog offers door-to-door shipments on request, guaranteeing assistance and a complete service for shipments from origin to destination, to and from all over the world, involving the sectors of road transport, sea freight, air freight and even special customs support.

Moreover, the daily reports provided by Furlog allow you to track your goods along the way to your destination and we also protect our customers from the risk of damage and theft, with a careful monitoring service and with a wide range of solutions “all inclusive” insurance to customize according to individual needs.

Discover all our services and rely on the Furlog experience for your door-to-door shipments.


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