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[News] Belt and Road Initiative: new beginning for railway transports for the automotive sector

The Belt and Road Initiative project is becoming more and more concrete: in fact, at the beginning of July 2019 there has been a new arrival of Volvo cars in Europe directly from Daqing, China, totally by train.

It would be the first time that a large automaker exclusively chooses the train to distribute one of its top models in Europe.

There is no doubt that the improvement of vehicles and infrastructures is bringing more and more multinationals to focus on the train for their transport from China to Europe.

Using the train as the only way of transportation brings several advantages, such as the reduction of the document flow and unforeseen events linked to intermodal movements (ie those between trucks, ship, train and airplane).

As Stefan Fesser, director of Volvo Car Gent says:

“We remove 5 thousand heavy vehicles from the road. Now all our Volvo’s distributed in Italy are transported by train,” explains the director, according to whom “putting these cars on the train means an advantage of thirty days on delivery”, compared to the ship.

Source: il Post (6th July 2019)

Credits photo: Informazioni Marittime

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