Caspian Week: new opportunities for logistics development in the Eurasian countries

Caspian Week was held in Davos (Switzerland) from 21 to 25 January 2019, the Caspian Week Conference is a meeting of global leaders, visionaries and experts. Caspian Week has three aims: promoting the interaction between the Caspian Region and the world; improving cultural, political, business and scientific relations and introducing and implementing innovations and new technologies to the Caspian Region.

This year, 84 government officials, C-level executives, academics, investors and innovators from 20 countries came together to discuss new business models evoked by recent inventions, innovations and disruptions pertaining leading edge information technologies.

The 2019 edition of Caspian Week is focusing on new business models born from the latest innovations in the IT field, without forgetting the sustainable development objectives of the region.

Furlog at Caspian Week

We are honored to participate in the Caspian Week with the intervention of Giuseppe Buganè, General Manager of Furlog, who is the speaker on the topic of ‘belt and road initiatives’.

During the panel (here the video recording) we have covered several interesting points, such as the innovative railway technology of Hyperloop.

Therefore, we believe it is important to keep the focus on the development of the Caspian Sea region, which thanks to its strategic position is now a central hub for relations and collaborations between Europe and Asia.


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