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Eco-sustainability. The advantages of rail freight transport

The theme of the environment and the reduction of polluting emissions is finally back to being one of the key themes of the international agenda, especially after the recent events that took place all over the world.

Even the world of transport must play its part: it is no coincidence that the European Union’s transport policy has declared that by 2030 30% of freight traffic over 350 km will have to travel by rail (source: “2050 Transport : white paper of the Commission on transport“).

Among all the types of freight transport, that one by train turns out to be the mode for medium-long distances with the minimum impact on the environment.

In particular, intermodal transport (i.e. carried out using different modes of transport, in particular the train) reduces CO2 emissions by 55% on average compared to road transport only.

That’s why by Furlog we focus particularly on this mode of transport.

Why prefer rail transport

The advantages of rail transport are different:

  • Faster transit times than truck and sea
  • Convenience
  • High transport security
  • Road decongestion
  • Ecological transport thanks to reduced CO2 emissions
  • Moving large quantities of goods over long distances

A concrete example

Through the European EcoTransIT software it is possible to compare the amount of CO2 emitted by the trucks with that emitted by the trains, with the same route and tons transported.

For example, with a load of 100 tons on a journey from Modena to Moscow (about 2,500 km) the train emits up to 75% less CO2 than the truck, with great benefits for the environment.

At Furlog we have always been among the priorities to offer the best transport services with special attention to eco-sustainability.

In fact, most of our activity takes place by rail because, as we have seen, the train is cleaner and cheaper than other vehicles such as trucks, planes and ships. Find out why we care about the environment.

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