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Furlog partner of the RongOu+ project, between Europe and China

On January 18th, the 2019 “RongOu+” Global Partner Conference was held in China in the Qingbaijiang District, in the city of Chengdu.

Furlog participated as an international partner of the RongOu + project, in order to consolidate partnerships in the transport and logistics sector between Europe and China.

“RongOu+” Global Partner Conference

The theme of the conference, “Silkway Rongou, cooperation and sharing“, clearly represents the heart of the project, which is to give new impetus to the so-called New Silk Road.

The railway line with RongOu+ trains now connects Europe with China, in particular with the important Sichuan region, thus allowing sustainable intermodal transport solutions for various commercial needs.

The meeting was attended by several Chinese institutional representatives, including deputy mayor Liu Yuliu, the deputy general secretary of the municipal government Liao Chengzhen, and the deputy secretary of the district party Liu Wendao.

In total, over 300 guests from the Netherlands, the Czech Republic, Germany, France and Italy attended the conference, as well as the top management of the world’s largest logistics companies.

The continuous growth of the RongOu hub

In the last 5 years there has been an important growth of activities and the mayor Liu Yuliu thanked all the entrepreneurs and partners for their full support for China Railway Express.

In fact, the network today covers 24 cities overseas and 14 cities in China, in addition to a system of pan-European Asian railway networks. The most transported goods are machinery, electronic equipment, wood and other basic products.

The new international interconnection RongOu hub is therefore achieving remarkable results, so much so that the provincial party and government will actively declare Qingbaijiang a new zone of economic and technological development for the Chinese railways.

Currently, relying on the international railway port of Chengdu, the China Railway Express serves more than 5,000 companies and during 2018 managed a total of 4,330 trains, of which 3,088 between China and Europe.

In addition, the Qingbaijiang customs have been officially established, which emphasizes the importance of the district as part of the Europe-China Belt and Road initiative.

The intent for the 2019 is to continue working to optimize services, strengthen the hubs, build new platforms and expand the commercial opening on a global level.

Furlog and its no-stop commitment in the Europe-China route

As a transport and logistics service company, we are proud to be part of this development and cooperation project that gives even more impetus to international routes to Russia and China, which are increasingly important today. Our aim is, in fact, to offer services of railway goods transportation, intermodal services and freight transport that are closer to the needs of our customers in terms of economic and environmental sustainability. A strong commitment for all our international routes.

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