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The importance of the insurance policy for freight transportation

Transporting goods by land, sea or air, both nationally and internationally, exposes the goods to various types of risks and for this reason it is essential to have insurance coverage.

Today, trucking companies are insured by law as a road carrier in the event of damaged or lost goods. This regulation derives from the Convention on the Contract for the International Carriage of Goods by Road (CMR).

In addition, however, additional insurance coverage can also be activated to overcome the limits set by the vector liability.

The example of the all-risks insurance

All-risks” is used to indicate a specific type of insurance policy that contains multiple guarantees, in order to cover different risks.

The particularity lies in the fact that this policy includes all the risks except those explicitly excluded in the policy, while in traditional policies coverage is provided only for the risks specified in the contract.

This type of insurance, also called All in One, is made at the customer’s specific request.

This is the best solution to protect yourself from all types of damages, including:

  • natural accidents
  • road accidents involving the vehicle on which the goods are transported or lifted
  • pollution and accidental contamination
  • fire
  • third party actions (theft, robbery, etc.)
  • damages due to the nature of the goods
  • damages due to poor performance or preparation of transport
  • malicious actions by third parties

Among the priorities of Furlog, there is always the transport safety, in order to give our customers the guarantee of transport protection. This is why, in addition to the protections provided by law, we are ready to create tailor-made insurance solutions for each shipment.

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