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Key points for food safety and quality during transportation

One of the most delicate and demanding goods to transport is undoubtedly food: whether it is dry or fresh, it always requires special attention. The key words for this type of transport are timeliness, capillarity, reliability and security.

The legal framework for this topic is the European regulation 852/2004.

The fundamental points of the European regulation 852/2004

Some highlights:

  • it is necessary to guarantee food safety along the entire food chain
  • it is essential to maintain the cold chain
  • food business operators ensure that all stages of production, processing and distribution of food under their control meet the hygiene requirements set in the regulation
  • the loading bays of vehicles and containers used for transporting food products must be kept clean and protected from sources of contamination
  • temperature must be controlled.

The transport must therefore always take place with extreme care, in order to maintain the organoleptic properties and to respect the high GDO standards of punctuality.

In Furlog we manage both dry and fresh food with the utmost competence and guarantee of hygiene, responding to the demand for safety and timeliness in the food transport sector.

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