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Risk ports chaos: the protests of the port of Trieste could cause delays

Following the entry into force of the mandatory Green Pass in the Italian workplace from Friday, October 15, the workers of the port of Trieste have announced the total blockade of operations from this date. After having rejected the mediation proposed by the government, i.e. the possibility of making available rapid molecular or antigenic tests paid by the companies for those who do not have the certification, they have made it known through their spokesman that the protest will continue and probably will not concern only the port of Trieste.

The port of Trieste is the seventh port in Europe for total cargo handling and the first in Italy with 62 million tons. It is also the first oil terminal in the Mediterranean sea and the first railway port in Italy. According to the “Coordinamento lavoratori portuali Trieste” (Clpt, the trade association that is leading the protest), out of 950 workers about 40 percent of them do not have the Green Pass.

This problem is also likely to be extended to the entire supply chain logistics in particular on road transport, given that one trucker out of three does not have the Green Pass, a fact that rises to 80% in the case of foreign drivers.

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