trasporto vestiti

When logistics meets fashion

Fashion is one of the most active Made in Italy sectors and managing its logistics and transportation requires particular care and attention.

In fact, cloths and shoes must arrive destination in perfect conditions, ready to be displayed without ironing them.

Fashion transportation therefore must be perfect and safe, and delivering on time.

Hanging garments transport

The shipment of hanging garments is a special transport service that guarantees the safety and integrity of the packaging during all its phases, keeping the garments in vertical position and hanging from clothes-holding bars.

In particular, at Furlog we offer solutions specifically designed for the fashion world: thanks to containers equipped with special bars for hanging garments, we offer the possibility to transport clothing with the maximum of efficiency.

Towards key textiles countries

In addition to a thorough care of shipments, for a transportation company it is also essential to have a widespread network of routes, in order to serve key Asian countries such as China, Russia, Mongolia and India.

For this, our fashion transportation services in Furlog include also routes to and from China.

Our keywords for clothing transportation? Care, attention to detail and speed.

If you need a transport service for clothing, contact us: we will find together the right solution for your company’s needs.

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