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Why choosing to transport goods to China by train for import/export routes

In the last years we are witnessing a growth of rail transportation to and from China, mainly thanks to the project of the Belt and Road Initiative.

The advantages of rail transportation are several:

  • Faster delivery times: by sending goods by train the transit time drops to 18-22 days, compared to 40-45 days by sea.
  • Economic saving compared to transport by air: although faster, the plane is in fact a much more expensive vehicle than the train.
  • Less environmental impact.

The train is therefore an excellent solution to send or import goods from China.

In fact, rail freight transportation is rapidly becoming the preferred choice for European importers. Starting practically from scratch in 2013, now there are numerous destinations reachable in Europe, including the United Kingdom, Germany, Spain and Italy.

Which Chinese terminals are connected by Furlog to Italy?

The rail network that links Italy – and Europe in general – to China is becoming increasingly widespread and extensive.

Specifically, Furlog reaches the Chinese terminals of Chengdu, Chongqing, Changsha, Shanghai, Dongguan, Suzhou, Changchun, Hefei, Xiamen, Zhengzhou. Reaching these terminals we cover all China and many other cities, on our new routes to the East.

How long does it take to deliver goods from China to Europe, and vice versa?

As we have already seen, the average time is around 20 days.

Here are some examples of import/export transit times:

Chengdu > Nuremburg: 14-16 days

Shenzhen > Hamburg: 19-20 days

Suzhou > Milan: 19-20 days

Milan > Chengdu/Zhengzhou: 17-19 days

What is the cost of rail transportation?

Currently, it is about half the price of air transport. This is rather interesting, especially when sending bulky goods (such as, for example, drapery).

Is it possible to transport goods by rail with both Less Container Load (LCL) and Full Container Load (FCL)?

Yes, goods can be loaded in partial load containers (LCL) or in full load containers (FCL). And it is also possible to optimize the loads also by taking advantage of the groupage service: that is, combining small shipments of goods that have almost the same origin and destination in order to form a more manageable load unit.

Why is constant assistance necessary before, during and after freight transport?

Since intercontinental rail transport is still a new phenomenon, it is important to have mastery in the management of all documentation, interfacing in local languages.

This is why it is essential to rely on transport professionals, who follow the shipment step by step and take care of all the customs aspects.

Safe and tracked shipments with Furlog

From our experience in the field gained over many years of shipping, we know that transport to and from China requires:

  • Customs operations assistance: Furlog supports you with its skilled advice and with native Chinese speakers for all customs procedures.
  • Track & tracing: daily reports provided by Furlog make it possible to always locate the goods along the route to their destination, ensuring safety and control and also providing gps control services.
  • Tailored insurance: we protect our customers from the risk of damage and theft with a wide range of “all inclusive” insurance solutions to customize.

Want to know more?

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