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Alibaba and the new China-Europe route for the e-commerce train

This is quite a big news: Alibaba, the Chinese e-commerce as big as Amazon, has begun to use the rail to ship goods from China to Europe.

At the end of October 2019, in fact, the first container-loaded train departed from the Chinese city of Yiwu and arrived in Liège (Belgium) after a transit time of 17 days.

The train, which carried 82 containers (TEUs,) was managed by the logistics company Cainiao, controlled by the Chinese e-commerce giant.

In the Walloon city the containers, full of packages and boxes, were managed by the eHub logistics platform, specially created by Alibaba Cainiao Network, and from there sorted for different destinations throughout Europe.

The service organized by Cainiao on behalf of Alibaba is called China Railway Express and it’s considered the first train dedicated to electronic commerce between Asia and Europe.

All this is possible thanks to the collaboration between the city of Yiwu, located in the Zhejiang region – where 80% of the low-cost products sold in the world are produced –, and the Electronic World Trade Platform (eWTP) created by Jack Ma himself, founder of Alibaba.

This is definitely a signal that goes in the direction of an increasingly development of rail transport to and from China.

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